PotBot is a comprehensive application designed to assist Florida's licensed medical marijuana community. PotBot provides patients of the Florida medical marijuana program with access to browse dispensary inventories, product information, personalized recommendations and custom alerts.

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POTBOT is the premier AI enhanced platform designed specifically for Florida medical marijuana card holders. Our mission is to provide patients with a comprehensive, user-friendly experience that simplifies and enhances their journey within the Florida medical marijuana program. As long-term patients ourselves, we intimately understand the challenges of staying informed about inventory, sales, news, and general medical marijuana knowledge. That's why we have developed potbot, an innovative app that delivers personalized recommendations, real-time dispensary updates, and a wealth of educational resources tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

At potbot, we are dedicated to creating truly valuable experiences for patients in the Florida medical marijuana registry. Our team of experienced cannabis advocates maintain strong ties within the community and the greater cannabis industry to ensure that we continuously deliver the most useful and relevant features to our loyal users. Whether you're a new patient just starting your Florida medical marijuana journey or a seasoned user looking to optimize your treatment plan, potbot is here to support you every step of the way.

We understand that navigating the Florida medical marijuana program can be complex and overwhelming at times, especially with the ever-evolving Florida medical marijuana laws and regulations. That's why potbot is committed to providing patients with the most up-to-date, accurate information and resources to help them stay informed and compliant. From understanding Florida medical marijuana limits and Florida medical marijuana rules to managing your Florida medical marijuana card renewal and Florida medical marijuana license renewal, potbot has you covered.

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We're excited to announce that both iOS and Android versions of the app are currently in open beta testing!

Personalized Alerts

- Custom Keyword Alerts
- Save Favorite Items
- Location Specific Menus
- Push Notification Support

Discounts & Deals

- Statewide Dispensary Deals
- Location Specific Sales
- 710 "The List" Tracker
- Exclusive Discounts

Florida MMJ Hub

- OMMU Archives
- Events & Resources
- Florida MMJ News
- MMJ Career Listings